Trigger Dog
Bone to Bury
from the start

No plan, just...go! 

I sat down in 2016 and just said F**K it, just do it. So I bought an LLC, and a domain, and just went for it. No real experience in marketing, web design, nothing. Just a water jug full of spare change in my closet with enough to get started. With courtesy and integrity I felt like I should just keep going with whatever I had at my disposal. A laptop and some freeware to design with. I decided that, designing clothes that I would wear myself, would be the starting point. "I make things I can wear".

"Bone to Bury"

This was a real mid-night inspiration for the fundamental attitude of TDA. It's something we all got to do more for ourselves. It's kinda my version of "bury the hatchet." We all got s**t to deal with, we all have a bone to deal with. So you can either gnaw on it, bury it within ourselves, or my favorite, in someone else.

I like where this idea can lead, and I don't care if its ever mainstream, I want to be an artist. I want it to be associated with fun, quality, and primal experiences.

We are Trigger Dog Apparel


Passion with a touch of Primal.

This is us.

Bones and all.




-CEO, Lead Designer-

I have always wanted to see a complete stranger on the street, in the bar, wearing Trigger Dog Apparel, and just smile. Knowing that they chose to wear my art with pride.

Trigger Dog
-Lead Mascot-

The inspiration and name came from this beloved ball of fur.

Love everyone.

That's his only real rule.

2006 - 2020